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Rules of this Forum

Post by {Admin} Rin Yokohama on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:21 pm

Rule 1)

No spamming.

~This means, check to make sure there aren't already one or two threads of what you're wanting to create.

~Also, do not spam the same post over and over again.

Rule 3)


~If we see you post random crap in someone's rp or you being disrespectful to the point of harassment, there will be large repercussions. Just use common courtesy.

~Most importantly, if anyone IS reported for harassment, they will be banned.

*This includes racial slurs, racist memes, and sexuality bashing*

Rule 4)

All third party chat apps are not to be mentioned.

~This includes: kik, line, snapchat, hangouts, skype, etc.

Rule 6)

No advertising roleplays anywhere except the appropriate Requests section. Do it through Private Messaging.

~Users can easily see what roleplays there are. If you are interested in joining then post a Character Sheet in the appropriate thread and wait for a response. (Do not immediately start posting in a roleplay without being accepted first).
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